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Happy Dogs from Benny's Husky Kennel


2012/2013  Dirk

Janina & Stefan

Janina and Alina

2009 till 2011 Stefan

2009 Diana

2007/2008 Melli

2006/2007  Yvonne 

2005/2006  Frank 
  2014/15  Luca, Christian and Nicole

  A doghandler takes care of the dogs. Mostly it's the work in the kennel,
  service and feed the dogs, help in the training.
  During the race-seasons the handler has tough and long working-days
  (nights) under sometimes very bad weather-conditions.
  Snow, coldness, lonesomeness ... everything is daily routine.
  Frequently the success depends from the help of the handlers. During
  races fast reactions and empathy is important for the dogs and the
  humans. Often you have to make your decisions in seconds and blind
  trust in the team is needed. Every handhold must in place, the handler
  will be the lenghten arm of the musher.
  Often there is no time for politeness, all instructions come lean and
  accurate, and the precise execution is a must.
  To be a doghandler isn't a workaday-job. It's a lifestyle.
  Healthy hardness against yourself is compellable demandable.
  Why shall I do such a thing to me ?

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