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Happy Dogs from Benny's Husky Kennel  
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We are the german Distributor for the


March 2011
We are the official german distributor for the norwegian Troll-Cart.
If you don't know - you need to know !!
If you never saw - you need to !!
Now the best safety and comfort  for all german musher.

For more detailed infos please call +49.17.11442261
or email ben(at)happy-dogs.com
Watch the VIDEO from running with the best Cart you can get.

we are family ... Caramba and Pauline

Tanana , 14years old, part of our 1st generation, the oldest daughter from old Benny, died in the middle of her beloved family.

Yukon , "young" brother from Tanana, last son from old Benny, died in the age of 13.

Donna, our little Snövit, today she lost her really long fight against the cancer. 11am she peaceful felt asleep in the middle of us.
We will never forget you ... in the film "Sterne über dem Liljesund" (
Bavaria Filmstudios) you will be unforgotten ...

After a long fight Reina lost. Again the cancer won. Reina, part of the Mafia, my 1st swedish generation, I'll remember you always on the trails ...

aus dem Tag der Trauer wurde eine Woche
aus der Woche wurde ein Monat

und heute nun verließ uns unser kleiner Aufpasser der Schlittenhunde .... unser kleiner alter Mann.... 17 Jahre in der Meute der Schlittenhunde ..... unser kleiner Benny ....

und wieder.... ohne das sie es sahen ..... erklang nur eine Minute nach seinem Ableben ein Konzert aus nun nur noch 29 heiseren Kehlen ....

was hast du uns geärgert.... was hast du uns für Freude bereitet.... was hast du die großen Jungs gejagt und dich diebisch dabei gefreut ....
Nach mehreren Schlaganfällen innerhalb nur drei Stunden kam unser kleiner Benny nicht mehr aus dem Krampfen heraus und wir mußten für ihn entscheiden.... er war niemals krank, siebzahn lange Jahre lang ...

Aus dem Tag der Trauer um Nebraska wurden heute drei  ....
sudden death ....    zwei Worte, mit denen ich bisher nie konfrontiert wurde ...
und nun liegt Akira - keine fünf Jahre alt geworden - in meinen Armen und stirbt .... einfach so .... das Herz hörte einfach auf zu schlagen .... und sie lachte dabei auch noch ....
sie rannte auf allen Trails, die es in Europa gibt , Finnmarks, Femund, Amundsen , ..... so viele tausende von Schnee-km .....
und ich weiß nicht, was ich übersah .... da gab es einfach nichts .... kein Zeichen ..... einfach nichts ....  sudden death ...

Nebraska kehrt 14-einhalb-jährig heim..... und stirbt im Kreise ihrer alten Familie

Ein trauriger Tag geht zu Ende ...
Ich wußte, daß dieser Tag wieder kommen würde ... doch es tut jedes mal auf's neue einfach so weh ... loszulassen ....

Um 13 Uhr stirbt Baileys in meinen Armen.... friedlich, ohne Schmerzen... sie hat den Kampf verloren, die Vergiftung durch die vor 14 Tagen festgestellte Pyo und die darauf folgende OP war zu viel für ihren fast 14 Jahre alten Körper .... ihr Geist war klar, sie schaute mich immer wieder an.... doch ihr Körper war darauf einfach nicht mehr vorbereitet....
So entließ ich sie denn zu Benny, Narvik, Olive, Enouka, Choice, Kira .... und ich weiß, sie werden zusammen über uns alle hier unten wachen ...  und eines Tages fahren wir wieder alle gemeinsam über tief verschneite Trails ... Baileys, wir sehen uns wieder ...

"Jeder Hund ist  ein Stern am Firnament.
In jeder Nacht in der Du unterwegs bist, siehst Du sie und sie sehen dich, und wünschen dir und deinem Team eine sichere Reise. Diese Sterne geleiten dich in finsterer Nacht ans Ziel, denn du kannst mit ihnen navigieren.
Auch Baileys ist zu einem Stern geworden, und wenn deine Augen frei von den Tränen des Verlustes sind, kannst du sie sehen, wie sie dir von ganz weit oben zuwinkt."

Autumn is coming ... with beautifull evening-impressions ...

Summer-time ... sun with 29°C.... then heavy rain and only 12°C ...
A really rainy june ...

news pics from the puppies... after 2 days 780 till 620g ...!!

Boccia's day ... a really hard and long night lays behind us, starting yesterday 04:30pm with the first contractions ... now we know why she needed so long ... 570g, 570g, 520g and 440g ... really big puppies ...
but see yourself ....

08:01am ... it's still not over ... she's licking and panting ...

Springtime .... the green is growing over night.

And with our two new kennels we are really good prepared.

Happy Birthday old Yukon & Kiana and young Jannu
When I see Yukon I recognise how old we got together ...  
And I look in "Old Bennys" eyes ...

Morning-training with 14er-team and the new Troll-Cart 

Spring-time ... Piki & Boccia .... and in 63 days ....

kids love happy dogs  ---  happy dogs love kids

spring-work .... cut wood for next winter

Sad news on Finnmark:
"Deceased dog
Acting chief veterinarian Therese Berger made the following statement:
- The whole team of Roger Dahl underwent a thorough veterinarian check in Varangerbotn and nothing out of the normal was observed with Dahls dogs. We would like to add, for those who are not familiar with the Finnmarksløpet, that all dogs are checked at all checkpoints.
The dog will be transported to the veterinarian institute in Tromsø for an autopsy and the result thereof will be made public as soon as available. Race Marshal, Race Judge and veterinarians will, according to the rules, make an assesment at checkpoint Sirma. According to paragraph 13 of the rules for the Finnmarksløpet race, a musher is only allowed to continue the race after receiving permission from the TD, Race Marshal and/or race veterinarian.
We will come back with further information as soon as possible.
Head of Press: Trond A. Andersen, 900 81 519
Chief veterinarian: Therese Berger, 950 51 872
Race Marshal: Marit H. Hoveid, 958 76 111"
Source: finnmarkslopet.no

How a real Alaskan sees the Finnmarkslöpet (in the "opposit" to alaskan races):
"5 teams have clearly risen to the top of the 2011 Finnmarkslopet 1000 sled dog race. Led by Roger Dahl, this group of veteran mushers is filled with thousands of miles, decades of experience and numerous championships. It is likely this years winner will be familiar with the podium. By now exhaustion has dulled their senses to a point few people would ever choose to willingly experience. 3 days and over 500km on the trail, the mushers and their teams have had minimal rest, and hour after hour of physical exertion.
The most profound difference I see between this Norwegian sled dog marathon and the 1000 mile Iditarod in Alaska is the significant addition of "handler help" at the checkpoints. Each Finnmarkslopet team includes behind the scene handlers, drivers and strategists organizing gear, schedules, and dog care for their musher, all at arms length.
Here's how it works. Rules demand that only the musher can interact with their team. Each checkpoint has a large area dedicated to the dog teams and drivers. Here all feeding, dog care, and sled maintenance can only be done by the musher. Standing around the perimeter of these "corral" area, each team has another team of "handlers". Often the spouse, close friend , or young volunteer, these handlers stand by to provide carefully prepared bags of equipment such as jackets and blankets to cover the dogs, carefully prepared plastic runners, warm dry gloves, snow anchors, and fresh batteries.
Each musher must walk from their team to their handler to receive the gear, encouragement and reminders. After the dogs are cared for by the musher leaves the 'corral' to the immediate care of the handlers. Now clothes are dried or replaced, musher food prepared and served. I have even seen the tired feet of the musher being rubbed by the stoic handlers. Many of theses 'teams' have fully modern motor homes waiting in the parking area's outside the corral, warm beds, quiet space and general pampering await the musher. After the allotted rest time, the handlers awaken the sleepy musher, dress, feed and entourage them back to the corral area to prepare the dogs for the next leg of the race. Icy dog blankets, wet clothes, snide used plastic is stuffed helper skelter into giant custom made bags designed just for this purpose, only to be dragged, brimming full, by the musher to the waiting handlers to be dealt with. After their team departs, these handlers clean and organize the gear and equipment, load up their RV and head out to the next checkpoint and do it all over again.
I like it. I like it a lot.
Jeff King"

Roger Dahl still in lead of Finnmarkslöpet.
Robert Sörlie and Sigrid Ekran on "hot" wheels.
Ketil Reitan with a wrong turn from Neiden to Kirkenes... so all his hopes for a top3 away ...
Several other teams still scratched.
Only 27 teams still in the race ...

Sitting in germany with plus 18°C and following the Iditarod and now the Finnmarkslöpet in which we took part over the last years ....
Only what we can do is train our heavy motivated team with our new Troll-cart on growing grass through spring-time in the woods .... happy to train but always with tears in the eyes because of missing snow ....

Happy Dog Ekinov

Retired racedogs ... now "housedogs"

A doghandler loves "his/her" dogs

The "doppeltes Lottchen" - Lalaby and Stormy

Happy Birthday Yuna, Gipsy, Kasimir, Galileo, Lina ....
Now five years old. My last own litter .... time is running.

Happy Birthday Mafia: Lady, Reina, Caramba, Baileys !!
Now 13 years old !!

Several nice runs lay behind us. The gang is faster and stronger every day ... but no wonder with these short runs .... just thinking again about to start at Finnmarkslöpet .... unfortunately no chance these year ...

Daily routine is back. Boccia and Jannu are fully integrated.
Thank godness, the temps are still minus, last night -10°C. So training is more then possible, it's fun.
Especially with our new cart: The Troll-cart.
The day before yesterday a dreamlike run with 14 well rested and good trained dogs. It's long ago to run with 20,2 km/h - average speed.
Hope for longer coold days .... and still dreaming for white underlays ...

Back in Germany. Safe trip back with a second driver .... thanks again Detlef.
Yuna and Gipsy in bad condition because of the really bad virus most dogs got in Femundlöpet.

Welcome Boccia and Jannu, our newest team-members.

Here's the race-story, looking from doghandler's view (thank you Stefan):

It's over. We scratched in Grimsbu2 laying on place 44 (of 83).
But not with tears in my eyes but really proud about my tough dogs.
At last with only nine we tried to move to Tolga, but with really less trailmarkers and lots of ice where it was really hard to navigate through (without markers) we turned back to Grimsbu and I decided it's enough.
Here are my retrospects of these World Championship 2011 in Röros.

Mushermeeting one day before the start
Mushermeeting should be done in english. These was extra pronounced, but some norwegians didn't enlisted.
Mushermeeting for a
World Championship lasted only 1 hour. Wow ...
Only three words about the trail: It is safe. No presented map with the trail, no promised file for our GPS-system.... nothing ..... well, a really good beginning. So why should we take maps with us in the sled, if we don't know / get a trail-description ??
That will be a really interesting WC....

Röros - Tufsingdalen
The start. Not the best I ever had.
Directly in front of the banner my anchor-rope broke and unfortunately my handlers didn't noticed that.... so my team was happy to get unhooked to run in full speed.... unfortunately a bit too early.... so I had to brake and fix the rope at the same time ...
But all went fine and we left the starting-chute in time and good condition.
Premiere for Joop as a leader (besides good old Pauline) and she did it. We shot forward and Joop surprised me with her showed routine.
The trail was - as expected because of the new snow last night - very deep, wet and thrown up from all teams in front of us (we started as number 79, so 936 dogs ran in front of us !!). Again it was no wonder for me, these organizers from Femundlöpet are never interested to prepare good trails...
But we managed it to come to Tufsingdalen without any hurt dog, I had to brake a lot to safe my dogs. Not other teams, who left behind lots of hurt dogs early in the race.
Tufsingdalen we arrived on place 59.... surprised that we did it so fast.
All dogs healthy, happy and in good mood when we started 21:18 direction Drevsjö.
The crossing of Kvernvighögda, all earlier years my biggest problem, was easy; no wind, no new snow .... good working dogs .... so after 5:19hours we arrived safe checkpoint Drevsjö. Here I planned a resting-time same like the running time, so we rested 6:10 hrs.
2be continued

Tufsingdalen - Drevsjö
Soft and wet snow, very deep trails .... so braked again a lot to safe the dogs. Was very tensed of my best friend "Kvernvighögda" who greeted me all the last years with f**** bullshit weather. These year teh ebst I ever saw: Moon, no wind..... it was so superbly to glide over these white  mountain ....  so no more occurences .... so long I neared Drevsjö ... I overlooked a thick wide tree stump directly in the middle of the trail .... fu*****.... I was stopped from 16 to zero in 0,1sec ..... wooowww .... dogs all looked behind and were wondering .... noone hurts but unfortunately the brake-mat was destroyed and it was a bit more complicated to brake my chasing gang (one team short before us...) only with the claw in these winding trails.... but we safely arrived in Drevsjö.

Drevsjö - Sövollen
After a long rest and dropped Inuk (she didn't eat, was really skinny, and limping) I started with 10 dogs left. But all of them were happily moving, again Pauline and young Joop in front. Joop surprised me more and more because of her implicitness, like a duck takes the water to lead the whole team.
2be continued ...

Sövollen - Tynset
A fast and good rolling team. We were warned about the steep downhills ..... wow, that WAS steep downhill ..... unfortunately too fast for Akira..... can't believe that because she always was one of the fastest i have in the team.... BUT she throw down herself and so she was dragged several meters in the snow because it was hard to break with at least 30km/h. ... at this point I don't know what happened with her .... so I had to put her in the sledbag.... and she was quite calm and enjoyed the ride ....
So we reached Tynset with nine wagging tails happy dogs, awaiting a good rest in a cozy and well organized checkpoint.

Tynset - Grimsbu1
Down to nine. Eddy worked too hard and got some cramps and light swollen xxx , so the Vets recommended to leave her .... she's young and can do it again next year .... and Akira... nobody found something but it was to risky for the next long stage in te mountains, and I didn't wanted to risk another dog in the bag..... so the decision was clear: leave Akira too.
Ok, really well rested and the gang starts to move on.
So far so good .... sunshine.... a bit to warm .... but we knew the trail from earlier years, and Pauline did it slow but steady .... She yet had the time to catch a mouse and had an extra little meal ...(;>)
Joop so far in lead great; helped Pauline a lot and speed up the bunch.
With good mood we climbed higher and higher and with a look on the GPS I expected to reach our training-trails around Grimsbu early, promised the gang a hot meal and cozy beds from straw .... that was a falacy. It went to darkness and I didn't recognized anything.
The "wind" grow stronger .... and suddenly we were in a really dangerous snow-storm.... visibility not more then 5meter, I only saw my wheeldogs .... but it seemed Pauline knew where we were because she moved on with her own surety... and really we must be near Grimsbu .... suddenly I saw a sign of trailmarkers I knew from earlier trainings ....  thank you god ... I knew we have only 14km left to the checkpoint and again I promised the team their hot meal and warm cozy beds of straw .... we rounded some mountain-corners and the storm becalms a bit .... the next falacy .... we neared Grimsbu kilometer after kilometer and the last 1000m we really were blown downhill, hit the valley in the worst storm .... we saw lots of other teams fighting against these f..ck...g wind, rolling blankets, straw all over .....
We reached Grimsbu safe (other teams got lost on these stage).
I grabbed my snow-shuffle and digged snow-holes for each pair of dogs ..... that bothered me a lot of time .... each dog got their blanket (the big BW-blankets weren't heavy enough, they flew away).... and soon all of them were sleeping.
We had to wait out these storm ..... some other teams tried to do the next stage but came back... unseccussfull .... and later scratched.
I decided to give my babies a good rest of at least 8 hrs.... then a good meal ... and hoped for better weather ....  next morning sunshine, the storm was over.... we lost more then 9hrs because of that, but we were still in the race !

Grimsbu1 - Grimsbu2
One of the best trails, hard, compact. (without trailmarkers, ok, but we knew these part from earlier trainings).
Meanwhile we were far behind our schedule so I did it without any hurry, especially Pauline thanked that.

Grimsbu2 - Tolga
Tried..... no trail-markers and Pauline more slowly with every step (not more then 3km/h ....) decided to turn back and safe the whole team.
Scratched again, ok, but these time in good mood.
Fuck again on the organizers, because no more Vet at these checkpoint and fucking bullshit marked trail ....

From now on (and during the race) the updates will be made more & more over Twitter (link on the left side), because Internet-connection will be more limited.
Taisto called me: Bosse and Luci are on the way ...
We visited Emil Inauen, took our Bewesled with us to show up the runners. We made together some changes to bring the sled in raceform.
Detlef made good work on the sled. In 15min he will be ready .... then tomorrow the last run and wednesday to Röros.
Still waiting for the GPS-trail-file from race-organization.... no answer on my questions .... many rumors about the trail .... lots of water.... very less snow in the mountains... today I heard to cut the trail, use the dogtrucks from 1.st checkpoint to move on for several miles..... very excited what kind of WORLDchampionship the FemundlöpetVenner build.

Down to 10. Lalaby 2
listlesly, doesn't eat nor drink. So she stood at "home".
The others did well, so far it was possible in that wet deep snow, made the sled not gliding, more .... on the river with some bad overflows.
Pauline did perfect through these overflows, and Joop learned really fast to manage these kind of trail. Good girls.

Lots of new snow in a really heavy snowstorm. Wet snow.
We drove with the whole team to Tufsingdalen to train the dogteam on the trail to Drevsjö.
But the checkpoint Drevsjö was closed ... (;<), the storm got more intensive every minute, no training possible.
So we drove on to CP Drevsjö.... surprise, surprise .... not much cleared from snow, very little space 4our truck. Ok, dropped the dogs and drove on through the night to Tynset, made a tankstop and went on back to Grimsbu.
Bad training 4the dogs, good training 4 Detlef ... mmmhhh.... he made an "accident" with an upcoming car ... these car drove 2 far in our lane... and .... he lost his right exterior rearview-mirror .... our truck wasn't damaged..... some minutes later these car turned around and followd us to show the damage.... and: these norwegian guy really thought that we made the fault, and he drove exactly on his lane .... followd by several norwegian cusswords.
I explained him his own fault but he doesn't wanted to hear that.... ok.... fucking norwegian.... we left him there and drove home.
11:30pm: Pizza-time ....


Have  same hope like Taisto: Fast and hard trails with no overflows..... unfortunately the weather isn't controllable.... just now only -2°.... and still increasing .... forecast is again plus 2°C
Dogs today are somehow languid and tired. Didn't eat well (especially Lalaby is really lackadaisical), only Pauline eats better.
Starting to prepare the foodbags for the checkpoints. Dryfood, saucages,.... unfortunately the meet begins to unfreeze.
Asked four (!!) different local mushers for possible and safe trails for training, got no answer from three of them, neither by phone nor by email, the last one answered he doesn't know. Great musher-community here; must be a special secret where to train... and we are not a member of these KU-KLUX-Clan.
I forgot to tell how the "Brennodden-Clan" from Frankmotunet showed themself on the trail. Even the doghandlers who were out to train some teams were not able to greet. Welcome in Folldal  ....!!
"Lille Alaska" ??? ..... Wide, wide being absent.
Never ever I was insomuch unwelcome ... I only can everybody give the advice to pay out your hard worked money in another place.
2pm: plus 3°C. Dogs are sleeping.
Detlef is away to find a sparepart for the damaged sled. He got it.
Now he repaired the sled .... unfortunately the runners from that  Bewe-sled are again splitted and therefore garbage, but Emil Inauen offered me Alu-runners for 50%off the normal price. Thats the second time that these runners split in only 12 month. 

Only one week left and we'll start ....
Dogs slept very well in cozy dogbox.... in the morning it's "hard" for them to wake up ... (;>
Todays plan is 85km on rivers and some small mountains.
Because we are down to 11 dogs, Taisto will help us out with two of his, Bosse and probably Liina or Lucifer.
Yesterday I read about the prices in Femundlöpet.
One of them is the "best dog care award". Unfortunately the Femundlöpet-Organization decided that these price is only possible for the top15-teams, because ".... if they are so fast they must have a special bond between dogs and mushers...".
In the opposit that means, that the Vets (who decide for the price) know before the race, before they ever have seen all dogteams and their mushers, that all other mushers don't care about their dogs like the top-teams.
I don't want to comment that "rule" yet, so you can think about by yourself. But 4sure I will comment it later on another internet-platform.
The next I read: To reach the official checkpoint Sövollen with your dogtruck, you have to pay a toll to use that road !!!
What a fuck is that ????  I never ever was so welcome to a race !!!
Another thing about the WC2011 in Röros: Like all years before, the main internetsite is published by 90% in norwegian. Only some of the articles are readable in english.
Great !! Welcome musher-world in Röros !!
Or do you have some thoughts that all the foreign mushers are only bedecked attachment ? .... The next days will show ....

Over night -28°C in the morning
11am: -24°C
I decided to get the dogs one day off.
2pm: -18C
5pm: -8°C

-8°C in the morning. Thank god.
Today two runs. First 66km on the river, some places with glare ice, last days heavy overflows, but now frozen.... dogs had lots to do to stand upright ...
Second run up in the mounains, only 35km .... hard compacted trails.... downhill thrilling ....
All dogs are now sleeping .... happy about these sunny day ...
8pm .... -14°C .... still dropping

Still plus 2°C.
Only Whity is limping a bit.
All others started again to eat .... and no limping visible.
The whole gang start to remember to be again a real sleddog with a nice dog-concert in the morning.
Only a short run up in the mountains.... "light wind" .... now the snow is blowed away ... running on rocks, dirt earth and greens .... and still with plus 3°C the river is going wide open....

Today was a really tough training-day. The first time we tried... and did it .... the whole Folldal-loop.... in 5:32hrs with 41min breaks to search the trail, because in some places no markers are found.
The mountains were beautiful... except the missing markers in some places and the following search for the trail.

The river was on some places open, we have to find a new trail to the sides (Pauline did very well... and Joop too; Inuk was scared of these open water) ... in one place a 3x4m-iceplate unfastened directly under Piki and Whity, so Eddy, Inuk, Yuna and the sled drove to kneedeep water. Not so funny ...
So far a good mood with good speed....  we hope the limpings (Eddy, Lalaby, again Inuk and Whity) are gone tomorrow morning.

Weatherforecast heavy snowfall.
Real life: Plus 2°C, little sun, light cloudy ..... absolutely no snow.
Today planned one day training off.
Planned for tomorrow the trail Tynset to Grimsbu or the Folldal-loop
Some dogs light limping, Eki in "bad" condition, really listlesly, with a big belly if she's pregnant... wasn't able to run as leader.... so we took only a small unplanned loop to keep the dogs happy as possible...

60km in 3:40hrs. But only on really flat trails on the river. That speed will change rapidly in the mountains today.

Planned for today is the first 75km trip ... depends on trail-makers...
changed .... went down the river ... 84km in 5:50hrs .... good speed for my old team  ....

One day off for the dogs .... laying in the sun .... at -20°C

Again a run in the mountains.... again and again with very fast changing weather conditions... rounding a mountain and you get heavy winds .... 5km forward nice sunshine .... team is improving.... 11 better motivated dogs.... only the eating must be mended

45km in the high mountains.... dogs muscles are growing ...
Stormy out of the team.... after 30km she has no more reserves .... no wonder.... she didn't trained the whole september, october and november

Over night it warmed up... only -8°C
Good training run on new trail, ran 2 loops .. snow is better, more compacted. Team with higher speed....
Yuna in heat
Gipsy in heat.

A cold night lays behind .... -30°C
Dogs want to stay in the boxes .... 2cold 4them so early after only two days.
Dogbox now heated with electrical heater and diesel-air-heater.
Have to wait 4the sun to heat up a bit. We have to fight with the cold.
2 pm .... -24°C was the highest temp ... now again it's cooling down ....
hope for warmet temps tomorrow ....
Dogs eating well.
Asked the Femund-Trail-crew for prepared and safe trails ... 45km prepared .... more (hopefully) the next days (weekend)

-18°C and still dropping
-29,6°C ....

First run in "lille Alaska".
Trails not prepared or just under preparation.
Sometimes glare ice, sometimes 50cm powder.
5hrs run with 60min rest, 50km. Slow but steady.
Akira showed good leader-qualities; Eki again not ...

Welcome in Grimsbu .... cabin was heated.... all places for truck and trailer perfectly cleared. Troll dryfood in place !! Thx to Roar !!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little old girl ... Smillie ... now 14 years old

02.01.11 - 05.01.11
Rain, rain, ice, ice, ... absolutely no training possible .... dogs are going  crazy ..... strong without something to do

Trails destroyed from rain and warm weather.... tried a short run ... always ice and water and mud ... no more training possible ... HAPPY NEW YEAR

31.12.10  & 01.01.11
Its warming up... plus 6°C... and raining ... HAPPY NEW YEAR

OP Ete
hysterectomy: removed the uterus

OP Reina ... cancer
Baileys: with 98% possibility kidney-problems ... now she gets no more meat, she gets diet ...

25.12. & 26.12.
christmas-run ... lots of new snow ...  take the sled and have fun

MERRY XMAS and always happy trails and healthy dogs

... and again today we got 20cm new snow ...  just came in from snow-shuffeling with Alina ... starting early morning ...


Perfect and beautiful training-runs at -13°C...  

Snow came as augured. So we were prepared.

The girls had lots of work ....

But Stefan too ...

Everything to organize isn't as simple as you think.

The decision is made. Late, but never too late.
We will run the World Championship 2011 (Femundlöpet) in Röros.
After some years of abstinence we try it again (the fifth time!... is that a record?... during that race I had everything, really everything what is possible to went wrong.... dogtruck- and trailer-accident... really sick dogs.... epileptic dogs.... wrong equipment... and last but not least lots of musher-failures).
It's the first time I will have four (!!) helpers/handlers. Never traveled with a big team like that.
All preparations like rent a cabin, order dryfood and meat, organize the ferry-place, organize an experienced truck-driver (!!), etc are ongoing and it seems it works out fine.
Unfortunately the race-team is now again down to 11.
Eleven valorous, who did now the same work like forteen last winter.
Sounds good. But we need at least two or three more to be prepared. It's always possible -and normal- that someone will hurt short before the race.
Therefore we had some talks with Taisto and Ketil, who - hopefully - can help us out with two or three more.

   Back in  2010 ...

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